Changing the Nature of Air Conditioning

Why Mojave?

Air conditioning has become critical to our indoor comfort and productivity. As a result, it accounts for about 10% of total global electricity use and emits more than one billion tons of carbon dioxide. Most customers are more focused on comfort, reliability, and equipment price, and less concerned about energy costs and sustainability. 

But what if an innovation could provide all five?

Meet ArctiDry

ArctiDry from Mojave represents the next generation of liquid desiccant air conditioners.  With an ISMRE over 8 lbs/kWh, it’s twice as efficient as conventional Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS). It installs like conventional packaged HVAC equipment needing only an electrical connection: no chilled water, domestic water, or gas line required! With ground-breaking efficiency and simple implementation, Mojave ArctiDry is changing the nature of air conditioning.

Mojave HVAC ArctiDry Unit

Ideal for Today's Commercial Buildings

If you are looking for a DOAS for a school, hotel, multi-family dwelling, office, or other building you will find nothing more efficient.  If you need to deliver air down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit dewpoint for a grocery, operating theater, or industrial process the Mojave ArctiDry delivers at the lowest cost you will find.

Mojave HVAC Field Unit

HVAC for the 21st Century

Since its invention in 1902, air conditioning has relied on vapor compression which over time has become progressively more efficient at lowering air temperature but remains inefficient at humidity control. At the same time, modern building codes, ventilation requirements, and efficient appliances have reduced temperature loads but increased humidity loads. As a result, buildings now use more energy to control humidity than temperature. Mojave introduces a patented way to solve this problem. 

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