Mojave’s ArctiDry Pilot Program Exceeds 10,000 Hours of Runtime

Real Time Data Shows 96% Uptime; 116% of Target Capacity

SUNNYVALE, California, January 12, 2024  Mojave Energy Systems, founded to change the nature of air conditioning, today announced that its ArctiDry pilot program units have surpassed a total of ten thousand hours of runtime. The units have recorded uptime of more than 96% and real-time data from the pilot units reveals that the dehumidification capacity represents 116% of the product design specification.  

 “Our commercial air conditioning system, ArctiDry, is outperforming expectations in all of our installations,” said Phil Farese, CEO, Mojave. “We are thrilled to report the success of these initial installations and we are now focused on gearing up to fulfill orders for ArctiDry through our network of sales representatives in spring 2024.”  

Currently in pre-production, Mojave’s state-of-the-art commercial air conditioner, ArctiDry, saves customers money and reduces negative environmental impacts by using significantly less electricity and less refrigerant, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions than other comparable systems. With independent temperature and humidity control, ArctiDry is optimal for grocery, healthcare, office, clean manufacturing, and other applications that have high outdoor air and/or low humidity requirements. ArctiDry can drop into existing HVAC infrastructure, requires minimal maintenance, and helps customers achieve Net Zero compliance.  

The pilot program has installed units in geographically diverse locations, including Florida, Texas, and Michigan. A wide range of companies and organizations are piloting Mojave units, including Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC), Johnson Space Center, Tom Barrow Company, and the University of Central Florida. 

ArctiDry’s ability to independently control both temperature and humidity makes it a perfect fit for specialized environments, like manufacturing facilities in the semiconductor supply chain. Polysilicon manufactured by HSC, one of the companies piloting a Mojave unit, is used in nearly every electronic device in the world. Its ArctiDry test unit has delivered excellent performance during the pilot program.  

“Mojave’s ability to manage climate control is exceptional. We have been running ArctiDry in our maintenance workshop and are very impressed with the results,” said HSC Sustainability Lead Steven Holty. “Additionally, we appreciate Mojave for its ability to reduce electricity usage, as reducing our carbon footprint is one of our top sustainability priorities. Mojave’s technology is compelling, and we look forward to working together in the future.” 

Mojave has begun manufacturing operations in Anderson, South Carolina and full product availability is planned for spring 2024. For more information, contact Mojave:   

About Mojave Energy Systems  
Mojave produces novel liquid desiccant systems designed to change the nature of air conditioning by dramatically increasing energy efficiency and reducing the climate impact of AC. Mojave’s patented technology cools and dehumidifies the air, enabling the independent control of dew point and dry bulb. By focusing on dehumidification, lowering energy consumption, reducing refrigerant use, and improving indoor air quality for commercial buildings, Mojave’s ArctiDry product is an ideal solution for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS). When compared to other alternatives on the market, ArctiDry offers a highly reliable, lowest-cost-of-ownership product that reduces energy use by 40 to 60%. Mojave, founded in 2022 to commercialize a decade-long, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) R&D project, has received seed funding from At One Ventures, Fifth Wall, Xerox Ventures, and others. 

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